Lenise, BA Entrepreneurial Studies '19

Artist. Athlete. Leader.

How have you displayed courage during your time at Eastern?

I have displayed my courage during my time at Eastern through taking leaps of faith by joining organizations that I would never have pictured myself to be in. I am the Chair of the Leadership Fellows Program, Captain of the Women's Track and Field Team, Vice President of Wednesday Night Worship. I have learned to have the courage to fight (training for track), lead, and to use my voice. 

How did Eastern help shape your courage?

Eastern in a way gave me permission to be brave. Professors, staff and friends began calling me things (leader, influencer, etc) before I even believed myself to be any of these things. The Eastern community is like a breeding ground for the courageous. It is filled with organizations, clubs and athletic teams wired to bring out the best in men and women.

Where do you hope courage will lead you in the future?

I hope that courage will lead me to be an influencer in ministry and in the entertainment industry. I want my life to evoke courage for others. 

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