Jordan '20, Criminal Justice

Basketball player. Opportunity-embracer. Future law enforcement officer.

How does the prop you brought represent you?

I am a proud member of Eastern Men's Basketball.


How would you describe courage in one sentence?

Courage is the decision to be better than you were yesterday.


How did getting your degree require courage?

In the criminal justice program, I have the courage to meet new people, excel at the highest level, and be engaged in new opportunities.


How does your current job or career path require courage?

As a criminal justice major, who will enforce our country's laws, I will have the courage to seek justice for the common good.


How did EU help you become more courageous in your thinking and actions?

I have embraced and lived by Eastern's core values of faith, reason, and justice. I know that my faith guides and supports me in every decision that I make.


Where do you hope courage will lead you in the future?

Courage and faith will be essential as I enter into my career in law enforcement. Faith will be my foundation and courage will be my strength.

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